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Block Mould - Ecoflex

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The KURTZ block mould Ecoflex was derived from the vertical block mould Ecomat. The Ecoflex design enables to produce dimensionally identical blocks made of different materials and shrinkage.

This is possible because the side wall can be moved hydraulically by some centimetres to balance the different shrinkage dimensions. Account is taken of the variation in vertical shrinkage by using insert boxes with slotted screen system in the block mould. Besides the processability of different raw material types this concept has another advantage:

The movement of the side wall is also used for demoulding of the block. A slightly tapered mould as with the Ecomat is therefore not necessary.

The Ecoflex is equipped with an energy saving vacuum system with condensation cooling and vacuum tank as well as a hydraulics easy to maintain. The stainless slotted screen system allows for longer cleaning intervals during the processing of material with a high degree of dust.  

Best block quality achieved by:

  • Material-sensitive and even filling
  • Homogeneous density distribution¬†
  • Homogeneous fusion
  • Low moisture content
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Processing of raw material with different shrinkage behaviour¬†