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Cutting Plants with Long Stroke Technology

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With the long stroke technology developed and patented by Kurtz with very high speed the cutting wires are moved horizontally oscillatingly by about 60 mm through the EPS block.

Thereby the wires are acting similar to a hot knife which is moved through the EPS block.

With this technology not only a very high cutting speed is achieved, but also top surface qualities and low thickness tolerances of the cut EPS sheets. In addition the "picture frame" - effect on the surface of the cut sheets is considerably reduced. 

With the cutting line "Proline" Kurtz offers a fully automatically operating cutting plant, designed for high throughputs at best sheet quality and lowest dimension tolerances for a particularly cost-effective and efficient production.

With long stroke cutting plants in succession on roller conveyors the EPS block is moved through 3 stations.

The long stroke technology is used for sheet cutting, while during the trimming and cross-cutting process the oscillation technology is used. 

At the end of the plant top-quality sheets arrive. From here the sheet stacks are compiled and packed in conformity with market requirements.

In principle the cutting plant is equipped with block magazine, block tilter and waste removal ensuring a continuous cutting process. 

The positioning of the wires in the single cutting stations is made fully automatically via remote wire adjustment.

This cutting technology is particularly suitable when highest throughput capacities and lowest dimension tolerances for the cut sheets are required.