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Stacking and Palletising

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With the Kurtz EPS handling system ProRob completely new dimensions for the handling and for further processing of the products to be manufactured open up. The ProRob product line can not only be adapted flexibly to practically each handling application, but can also be used as a processing machine for further processes such as edge processing, contour processing, element production, etc.

Advantages of ProRob:

  • Attractive cost/performance ratio¬†
  • Several processes can be done with only one machine
  • Minimum change-over time due to automatic mould change
  • No complex transport plants
  • High flexibility when only limited space is available
  • High throughput capacities
  • Safe handling of thin sheets
  • No problem with residual sheets at change of product

Examples of Application for ProRob:

  • De-stacking device
  • Stacking device
  • Upper sheet removal
  • Lower sheet removal
  • Palletiser
  • Edge processing machine
  • Contour Cutter
  • Loading and unloading of production machines