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The Cutting of EPS Blocks

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The shape forming of particle foams is extraordinarily manifold. These shaping possibilities open up a wide range of applications.

One variety of shape forming is the sheet- and contour cutting.

In case of EPS cutting electrically heated wires are moved through the EPS block, the EPS beads are melted on and thus cut.

For sheet- and contour cutting Kurtz offers all kind of required cutting systems. The product range comprises cutting machines and cutting plants for precise sheet cutting, contour cutters and plants for the production of roof panels.

In principle a distinction is drawn between cutting machines and cutting plants.

With cutting machines the EPS block is fix positioned in the machine and the "hot wire" is moved through the block. This kind of cutting technology is mainly used both for low throughputs and for cutting of contours.

Cutting plants are primarily used for the production of EPS sheets. With these plants in succession on a roller conveyor the EPS block is transferred through 3 stations (sheet cutting station, trimming, cross-cutting station). When all stations are passed at the end of the plant the finished sheets arrive. From here the sheet stacks are compiled and packed in conformity with market requirements.

Using additional options such as automatic remote wire adjustment and long stroke technology the cutting plants can optimally be adjusted to the customer's requirements in regard to tolerances and capacities.

All Kurtz cutting systems can be supplemented and optimised with transport- and handling devices for achieving an efficient and cost-effective production.