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Handling & Packaging

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As a rule, products manufactured on KURTZ moulded parts machines such as foodstuff packaging, technical packaging or insulating panels for the building industry are automatically removed from the moulds and stocked according to the order sizes of the ultimate packaging units. A similar situation is seen with facade insulation panels following the contour cut on KURTZ cutting lines. These are often "pre-picked" according to the required packaging unit.

The further packing in the trading unit which is ultimately available in the shops still occasionally ensues by hand. Often inflexible individual solutions come into play, which do the job "after a fashion".

The ideal option is the almost fully-automated solution using machinery and plant from manufacturers specialised in this type of packaging - and this is exactly the strength of MACDUE and its packaging lines. In its market segment, MACDUE plays a leading role and manufactures fully-automated packaging machines and lines for automatic pick-up, stacking and film wrapping.

On MACDUE machinery, plastic trays and panels of every kind are packed in commercial trading units. With its lines, MACDUE solves all the usual packaging tasks - the unique feature here is the option of totally-closed packing of panel stacks.

On request, articulated robots can be used for optimisation of the automation.

Benefit as a customer from the advantages offered by this cooperation, the advantages which you would expect of a full-range supplier: first-class and fully-fledged advisory services, project execution and supervision and components and technical solutions ideally tailored to your needs, all practically from one source.

Thus KURTZ and MACDUE promise their CUSTOMERS technical solutions all from one source.