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Steam Supply

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Main energy carrier during the processing of thermoplastic particle foams is dry steam. Overheated steam results in worse heat transfer and thus poor surface qualities, worse fusing or even collapsing of the finished product. Wet steam is the reason when the moisture content in the finished moulding is too high. Higher cycle times and the necessity to dry the product are the result. 

The steam extraction is always done sporadically. Especially suitable are flame tube boilers allowing to provide comparatively large quantities of steam at only little pressure drop. If the water volume of the steam boiler is too low, steam accumulators are to be used to ensure that the required steam quantity at peak demands is available. Great importance is to be attached to the feed water treatment. 

The steam plant has exactly to be adjusted to the single components such as pre-expanders, shape moulding machines and block moulds to avoid "carry over"-effects and to guarantee an optimum operation.