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Rotax Technology

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The complexity of particle foam machines is increasing more and more, especially for the production of parts for the automotive industry and packaging parts. High productivity, flexibility, ergonomics and energy efficiency are of particular importance.

Kurtz meet´s all these demands with the shape moulding machine Rotax. With this machine concept the steam chamber half which is normally fix with standard shape moulding machines rotates horizontally. Strictly speaking the specific feature is a double steam chamber with two identical mould halves, where the counter part is installed on the movable steam chamber. 

K12.515.5 HP5 / HR 

While a moulding is foamed inside, the operator or a robot system can both remove finished mouldings from the outside and can equip the mould directly with inserts for the next cycle. As a result extremely fast cycle times are achieved with this three-chamber-system.

The moulds for this machine can conventionally be installed in the steam chambers or designed as mono-block moulds.

The Rotax is designed as HP machine (HP stands for high pressure) and is thus suitable for both the processing of EPS and EPP material. Switching off the horizontal rotary motion alternatively this machine can also be operated as a conventional shape moulding machine.

A further enhancement of this machine concept is the double rotax machine. The horizontally rotating double steam chamber is used in combination with two movable steam chambers. This technology is applied when mouldings with two different densities are to be produced whereas the densities cannot be separated by sliders.

A further application is the manufacture of skin-moulded parts. On one side the moulding is produced, while on the other side the foil is positioned.